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If you are looking for the best online casino without deposit you have already found it. At Sportium we give away an initial deposit to play for FREE of €10 . And just for signing up. But if you don’t know very well how online casino Uganda and their bonuses work, keep reading this post and find out…

The best online casino without deposit is at Sportium

First of all, what is an online casino ? Practically the same as a physical casino, but without having to travel. In other words, you can play from wherever and whenever you want as long as you have a device (laptop, mobile, tablet…) at hand. In short, comforts that new technologies bring us.

And secondly, what is this no deposit thing? Also very easy to understand. It means that it is not necessary to deposit, that you do not have a single euro, come on. All you have to do is register at Sportium and you automatically receive €10 free for the casino game that makes you the most angry. To try luck that it doesn’t stay, right?

Online slots, roulette, poker and much more…

As I said, you can bet your €10 on whatever you want. It is what online casinos have without a deposit. In case you’re a bit lost and you don’t know exactly what kind of games there are in Sportium, I’ll summarize it very quickly in a couple of lines. Let’s go there!

Slots and bingo

The classic slot machines of a lifetime but sitting on the sofa at home. It is no longer necessary to have to go down to the bar to play a game. In addition, in the online casino you have a much greater variety of different themes: Torrent, Game of the Goose, Grease, Terminator Genisys, Gladiator… You will win money and have a great time, there is no doubt about that.


The ball spins and fate decides if you win or not. Well, the strategy you use also counts, and a lot. You can bet on odd or even, on red or black, on a number or set of numbers… Roulette goes a long way, and at Sportium we have them all: European, French, American…


Surely at some point in your life, betting or not, you have played poker. Well, online poker is exactly the same but through a screen. The advantage is that here nobody will be able to look at your cards and it will not be noticed when you bluff. Try it and tell us in the comments!

Black Jack

And with Blackjack basically the same thing happens. The game mode, the same as always, the only thing that in the online casino you can choose whether to play accompanied by more players or only with the (very important) figure of the Croupier . Do you dare to try it? Reach 21 and turn your €10 into €20.

But… And if I deposit I run out of €10?

Of course not! If you deposit you will have your €10 FREE as well as an incredible welcome bonus. If you deposit €10 we give you €50 FREE for the Sportium online casino. No cheating or cardboard. That is, €60 if you add the €10 that we give you for registering.

What are you waiting for? Register at Sportium and get your €10 free online casino.

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