Storing Your Tyres Properly

Tyres Properly
Tyres Properly

Your tyres are expensive and buying new tyres every season can be a tough task. Also, getting your tyres repaired frequently can make you spend your money handsomely. Season changes throughout the year and there are effective tyres for different seasons for providing improved performance. Changing tyres every season doesn’t mean throwing away the set of tyres instead it is recommended to properly store your tyres.

Storing tyres can be a time-consuming task but it is better than wasting money on a new pair of tyres every season. It’s okay for motorists to be clueless about the adequate way of storing their tyres to keep them safe until next season. It is common for tyres to degrade with time and use but if you are improperly storing your tyres, temperature, moisture, sunlight, chemicals act as a catalyst in deteriorating the health of your tyres. And it is highly important to keep your Tyres Leicester in good condition to provide you with comfort and quality ride. 

While storing tyres, there is a list of points you need to take care of to protect them from getting damaged. Rather than opting for tyre hotels and wasting your money in storing your tyres in garages, you should focus on saving them for things you like. 

This blog will help you out with a proper way of storing your summer/winter tyres. The technique of storing both the seasonal tyres is almost the same, but the temperature can make a difference while doing so. 

The first point you need to keep in mind after you dismount your tyres is how to clean them. Always try to use a mild detergent and lukewarm water for duly washing them. Although there are different tyre washing shampoos and solutions, using a normal detergent also works just fine. While washing the tyres, try to clean the tread and remove all the dirt between the gaps, and the wheel rims. The rubber of the tyre should be cleaned correctly using a brush or sponge. 

Once you wash your tyres, let them air dry. If you directly try to pack them the moisture will damage the rubber of your tyres and you won’t be able to use them. Let them dry properly before you do anything else, try to not keep your tyres in direct sunlight as exposure to direct sun can again harm the rubber of your tyres slowly. 

Now that they are dried, you also have to avoid coating them with any gloss or dressing for protecting the rubber. The chemicals might react with the rubber slowly and deter the quality of your tyres.

After doing this, you have to arrange plastic airtight bags similar to the size of your tyres. Using small bags will not help. You can get these bags at any tyre shop. You have to then pack your tyres in plastic bags and remove the excess air from the bag. You can do so with the help of a vacuum cleaner. 

Once you are done with packing them, now the biggest problem arises where to store them. You have to remember that your tyres should stay out of direct sunlight, so you cannot leave them open. 

  • If you are storing your winter tyres, you must store them in a cool and dark place, maybe an in-store store with proper air conditioning.
  • If you are storing your summer tyres, you must keep them somewhere with moderate room temperature, maybe in your house with heaters. 

This is because both the seasonal tyres are manufactured for different weather conditioning so storing them according to their suitable temperature is also important. 

Half of your work is done, now the only thing left is the positioning of your performance tyres Leicester . You can keep them in stacks if the rim is attached. Also, you can hang them if wheel rims are not attached to the tyres. 

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