5 Tips to Use Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Use Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Strategy

People are even willing to trust users they don’t know. When you share what your existing customers feel about your brand and their buying experience, you inevitably become a brand that people can trust for the first time. This way, your business like Myassignmenthelp develops better brand authority in the market, eventually surpassing its competitors.

So, how do you use positive customer reviews as a powerful tool and a part of your marketing strategy to attract customers? If done right, a well-planned customer review strategy can instantly help you develop a connection with your consumers. To that end, here are a few brilliant tips for incorporating customer reviews in your marketing strategy:

1. Post the reviews on social media platforms

Social media platforms are a great way to bring in more leads. So, you better optimise what the various social media channels have to offer. In addition, today’s customers like to engage about a product or a service on social media platforms asking about the quality and other features. So, make it a point to share the experience and testimonials your satisfied customers have shared with you related to your offerings on your business social media pages.

  • For Twitter, you can retweet the appreciative tweets from your users.
  • For Instagram or Facebook, you can create a post with a screenshot of the testimonial and tag the person.
  • You can also feature the review on Instagram and Facebook stories.

The more screenshots or compiled videos you add to the social media pages for your brand, the more reliable and credible your business becomes. Moreover, this free strategy acts as a double bonanza. When you share your customers’ reviews on your page, you acknowledge your gratitude towards them, thus earning brand loyalty.

For example, MyAssignmenthelp.com posts MyAssignmenthelp review on the Instagram feed and tags the users to assert brand credibility.Top of FormBottom of Form

2. Include customer reviews on your website’s homepage

After new visitors see your business page on social media, the first thing they would do is to visit your website. This makes the homepage an obvious place to “flaunt” all the positive feedback you have garnered. That way, the first thing visitors notice on your brand’s website will be the several people that have entrusted you with their hard-earned money and have not regretted it.

Moreover, customers prefer to know about the features of your products and services from real customers. The testimonials can show what the best features of your offerings are in the words of your existing customers.

This will give your visitors a solid reason to continue browsing your site until they land on the pages exhibiting your products and services.

3. Dedicate a page for customer reviews on your website

Now, you cannot crowd your homepage with too many reviews as that will mess with the layout. Plus, that won’t look good either. So, how do you boast about the positive reviews without seeming too om-the-face? Simple! You can create a separate page that shows all the amazing things your customers have to say about your brand. This will help you prove your brand’s value.

Moreover, a page solely devoted to your customer reviews is one of the best ways to help potential customers understand what they can expect from your product and services.

Use the customer review page as a powerful marketing tool to display how people have benefitted from your offerings. Reviews also pique people’s curiosity, egging them on to know why people love your product and services. These things can lead them to make a buying decision.

4. Share customer reviews in marketing emails

People collectively get more than 294 billion promotional emails every day from businesses of all kinds. Give or take, an ordinary individual spends around 30% of one’s daily routine scouring mail inboxes. That is a considerable number. So instead of sending overly promotional emails that annoy your customers, try something new.

Include personal customer reviews in your newsletters and marketing emails. This way, more people would want to see their names in your newsletters. In addition, this will urge your customers to buy from your website.

5. Use customer reviews in search ads

Besides focusing on content marketing, search indexes also rank you by monitoring what other people think about your brand. When you include the reviews in your content for search ads, Google and other search engines measure customers’ outlooks, thus giving you a high rank.

Also, when you post new content with fresh reviews, you get to earn Rich Snippets, which improves your appearance on search indexes. The rating and the total number of reviews also help you build trust for your brand. This keeps the sales funnel smooth and thriving.

Wrapping up,

Just telling people that your brand is good is never going to be enough. That won’t convince them to trust your brand and invest in it. However, when you show your new buyers that your existing customers love your brand, they will trust you more. If you have not incorporated reviews in your marketing strategies yet, this is your chance. Use these ways to leverage customer reviews and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Attract more visitors, and improve conversions. Automatically, your sales and revenue will go up, yielding you more profit.

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